Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s that special time of the year, again – when hearts seem to appear everywhere for the holiday of love, boxes of chocolate are lined up by the hundreds on shelves, florist shops have a hustle and bustle only rivaled by mother’s day.  You’ll spend countless days trying to determine what to buy for your special someone. Of course, many factors are involved such as the length of the relationship, the state of it, your special someone’s tastes, your budget and so forth.Valentine's Gift Ideas

Below is a list of popular valentine’s day gifts that are sure to make your special someone smile and keep you in good standing! We recommend a combination of these for best results:


Yes, the de facto standard of Valentine’s day. If your special someone commonly mentions how other co-workers received flowers from their significant others, you had better order some darn flowers and make sure they aren’t the discount arrangement. The thought of being the only one in the office without flowers can be detrimental to your relationship and result in severe embargo on various things you partner does that makes you happy. Be sure to order ahead and pick an arrangement that will stand up to what others receive. 1800Flowers is a popular choice, here is a coupon to save 15%.


Another standard valentine’s day gift. You cannot go wrong with chocolate – studies have shown that it raises endorphins and increases sex drive. What more can you ask for? Most popular are chocolate strawberries which seem to be irresistible on this day. Be sure not to wait until the last minute for these – prices in Manhattan can fetch up to $50/lb (this is based on my personal experience!). Eat them quickly as they spoil within a few days. Also, avoid cheap chocolate – anything that has been in a box at your local drugstore has likely been laced with artificial colors and additives.


Jewelry remains one of the most popular gifts and is highly versatile in the sense that you can buy  different variations such as silver and gold giving you endless choices for styles and budgets. One popular trend is to purchase handmade unique jewelry given each piece is like no other, we recommend the Simply in Love customized necklace from that allows you to customize the charms with initials.


A romantic dinner at a restaurant with nice ambiance and good food can seal the deal. This is definitely not a fast food night (although White Castle did have candlelit tables a few years ago!). Dining where you first met, or someplace new and exciting can be a great idea. Pair with good wine and a nice gift and you’ll be in good shape. Popular restaurants are often booked weeks in advance, so be sure to make reservations.


An experience is more memorable and lasts a lifetime! Perhaps try something new together. Tickets to the theater, a museum, or a class you can take together – such as a dancing class, or painting class which seem to be most popular now. If you want to keep it simple a romantic walk in the park can be beautiful as well.

The important things is to understand your partner and their personality and combine some of the above into a unforgettable day. Good luck!


A surprise getaway, even if just a short weekend is nearly guaranteed to make anyone feel special. The excitement of a change of scenery can dial up the romance, especially if its somewhere you haven’t been to! If you decide to travel someone afar that requires your passport, consider buying our high quality passport holder.


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