7+ Tips On Buying a Travel Jewelry Case

The Fun Nature of Traveling

Do you travel often? Do you like to look good and bring your jewelry with you? Well if you do, you’ll want to have a way to organize a good amount of jewelry to go with outfits. There are many options – bags, rolls, pouches, cases, holders and even boxes for those traditional types!

While I love traveling, I hate packing. I travel often for work, which means I find myself packing and unpacking at least once a week. Since I enjoy wearing jewelry to complement my outfits, I have found a travel jewelry case to be very helpful to keep everything in one place and organized.

The options are endless – but for those who like to bring their jewelry with them on travel whether it is for work or pleasure, we break down what to look for to make sure you find the right accessory.

Travel Jewelry Cases and Rolls

Travel Jewelry cases are becoming more popular as a means to securely store your jewelry – they will often be the size of a clutch and fold open with a variety of compartments to store earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Don’t expect to hold your entire jewelry collection here! But certainly enough for a few nights, especially if you are creative with mixing and matching.

Given travel jewelry cases fold open, you’ll want to make sure that it holds your jewelry without them falling out! Look for cases that have pouches with zippers, and magnetic closures and ring rolls with velcro.

The size of the jewelry case is important too – you’ll want one that is big enough to store a few days worth of jewelry options, but not so big you cannot easily fit in carry-on luggage – you definitely do NOT want to check your jewelry at the airport!

Going away for a few days or more? You’ll want a travel jewelry case or roll. Going away for extended periods of time? A jewelry box might make more sense.

Brelox Travel Jewelry Cases

Brelox create a smart jewelry cases with style in mind! Designed for those who have a wide array of jewelry and wish to bring a sizeable collection with them, these travel cases have useful storage for all types of jewelry.

This jewelry case features an easy to open flap with its magnetic closure and is water resistant. The material is durable making it ideal for travel which tends to wear down accessories more quickly. It features transparent pockets with zipper, a bar for securing rings, and a removable earring holder that holds up to 25 earrings. It also features eight straps to securely hold necklaces as well.

The jewelry case design is compact yet holds more than enough pieces for a few days which makes it practical. A bonus is that you’ll be forced to bring only the pieces that make the most sense!

The jewelry case is available from purchase via Amazon.com and has very high reviews! It’s affordable at under $25.00!