Jewelry Organizers & Storage: Holders, Cases, Rolls for Earrings, Necklaces (Home or Travel)

Organizing and storing jewelry properly is top of mind for many whether it’s keeping our earrings, necklaces and bracelets in a holder or display case – we want to make sure our jewelry is stored, organized and secure at home or while traveling given jewelry can be very valuable or have sentimental value. 

There are many options on how to organize your jewelry including holders, cases, bags and pouches, armoires and boxes, and dedicated travel jewelry cases. Each Earrings and tangled jewelrytype of jewelry organizer offers different advantages depending on your jewelry organization needs and can help you display and protect your valuables for years to come – preventing loss, damage, and tarnishing while saving you time and keeping your collection in order.

To help you decide how to organize your jewelry we have summarized different jewelry organizers commonly available with pros and cons for each. Feel free to click in the table of contents or links throughout to skip to a type of jewelry organizer that interests you most.

Table of Contents:

Jewelry Holder

The words jewelry holder describe many different types of jewelry organizers and as a result can mean organizers of many styles, shapes and sizes which are often used at home or commercially.

More recently jewelry holders are increasingly designed so that they are less functional but more stylish or decorative such as allowing you to “hang” and display your jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets, with some designs offering earring storage. A popular style today is a small tabletop tree like design with small “branches” for hanging jewelry. This makes an interesting display but notJewelry Holder: Tree Design for Bracelets overwhelmingly useful or functional in terms of protecting your jewelry from tarnishing, children, or pets. 

Many private sellers are creating various designs that incorporate eccentric designs and styles. Often these are made of a variety materials with a tendency towards eco-friendly materials, such as wood or the reuse of existing materials.

With this in mind, typical jewelry holders are not practical for traveling and may sacrifice functionality, organization and practicality even for home use. Jewelry organizers of this sort are best for displaying your jewelry at home for short term display (and perhaps making friends envious!).

If you are seeking a jewelry organizer to protect your jewelry you will want to avoid those without airtight storage especially with silver jewelry – and gold to a lesser extent. Read below for more suggestions. 

Prices for jewelry “holders” vary widely by design, materials used and if mass produced or not. These are a nice addition to your home for decorative purposes but should be used in conjunction with other jewelry organizers such as jewelry cases or boxes and travel jewelry organizers.  

Jewelry Cases

Jewelry cases tend to be more practical and allow for more organization, storage and secure features such as zippered pockets and locks. Jewelry cases also tend to have specific storage solutions for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings making them especially useful for organizing jewelry collections.

Jewelry cases are often used by jewelers to transport jewelry collections, although the term jewelry cases is being used to describe armoires and boxes – the traditional jewelry “case” was a rectangular box with simple sections made out of velvet covered fabric walls for organization. If you search online for jewelry cases you may very well find the term being used to describe differentA Jewelry case organizer used for storing jewelry collections. types of jewelry organizers.

Zippered pockets can be particularly helpful for securing your jewelry items so they do not fall out and stay in place. Zippered and airtight pockets also slow silver, gold and other jewelry metals from tarnishing.

Most jewelry cases are not meant for storing large collections of bracelets, necklaces and earrings among other pieces as jewelry given the cases tend to be medium sized or smaller allowing some portability and use in travel which is especially helpful if you are away for work or personal reasons on extended periods of time.

Some purchase multiple jewelry cases to store specific types of jewelry or styles as a means to organize. For example, one jewelry organizer could be dedicated for storing your necklaces, another for your earrings, and so forth.

Similar to other jewelry organizers, prices vary and are dependent on materials, style and production methods but can be very affordable. Expect to pay a premium for handcrafted organizers or those using exotic materials such as leather. Some new options include vegan leather made of plants. Here are tips to buy a good travel jewelry case. that are recommended by the editors here at

Jewelry Bags & Pouches

Jewelry bags and pouches are familiar to just about everyone – the typical jewelry pouch is made out of a small dark velvet bag with a drawstring tA jewelry bag or pouch used to organize small amounts of jewelry or gemstoneshat can be used to close the top of the bag. Going as far back to medieval times, jewelry pouches remain popular today and will often be used by jewelers to store new jewelry for customers after a purchase as a temporary jewelry holder or organizer.

Jewelry pouches have evolved and can now be purchased in various materials (satin, nylon, cotton), designs, and colors. Chinese jewelry pouches vary slightly and have more of a “envelope” appearance. These pouches are useful for keeping jewelry and gems safe during short transport or trips for exchange. The drawstring mechanism limits tarnishing of gold and silver.

Because of the size of jewelry pouches, they tend not be useful in storing many jewelry items. They usually lack any sophisticated organization as the pouches just consist of one pocket to store items. So expect jewelry such as necklaces to become tangled easily. With that said, classic velvet jewelry bags and pouches will slow tarnishing and its small volume of space means there is little oxidation. 

Jewelry Rolls

Jewelry rolls are a newer way of organizing your gems and jewelry, often with convenient organizational and storage abilities. Jewelry rolls are typically made of cotton or nylon and can be foundA jewelry roll organizer in a variety of designs given their popularity. Similar to jewelry cases, jewelry rolls will also have unique features to hold and organize earrings and bracelets to prevent tangles and loss of earring stoppers.

One unique feature of jewelry rolls that is commonly included is a hook, similar to a clothing hanger hook – so that you may hang the entire jewelry roll after it has been “unrolled”. This is handy if you are trying to conserve space or traveling and want to be able to see everything within the jewelry roll at once.

Jewelry rolls are good solutions for those seeking a low priced organization for use at home, although they tend to be larger than jewelry cases or travel jewelry organizers and hence might not be appropriate for a business trip or vacation, unless of course you enjoy bringing a large cache of jewelry with you while traveling! 

Jewelry Armoires and Boxes

Probably the most well known of all jewelry organizers and the oldest style of organizer, jewelry boxes and armoires have been used for centuries dating back to ancient times! Jewels were worn almost exclusively by royalty back then and later became more widespread leading to mass production of jewelry boxes from the likes of China and Europe and then later being created in the United States.

Jewelry boxes add more of a classical flair, and can range from being very expensive for antique and handcrafted models made up of high end materials like cherry wood to mass produced jewelryJewelry Box Organizer boxes. Some Victorian or old fashioned jewelry boxes exhibit more of a Gothic design, traditional with 17th and 18th century style and may be fashioned out of metal or ceramic instead of wood

Jewelry boxes often feature multiple drawers and some feature “doors” that can be swung open revealing a large storage area to hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Often, a mirror is included so one can check to see how the jewelry matches with the attire worn.

Jewelry armoires (also known as jewelry cabinets) are considered to be furniture and are therefore typically larger in size than jewelry boxes and can obviously hold much more jewelry, with some models as tall as a clothing dresser. Medium to large size models may also have more intricate features such as doors with glass windows providing an elegant look. Consider the amount of space in your home when purchasing an armoire and your jewelry storage needs.

Many jewelry boxes and armoires consist of two designs – some with drawers for storing rings and bracelets, others feature doors that swing open to reveal compartments, and other designs are a combination of both. Newer designs sometimes feature sliding compartments, some with hidden sliding compartments which is quite interesting.

As mentioned earlier, just about all jewelry boxes and armoires have a mirror, some may include a lock and key system (rarely meant to be a true form of security).

Jewelry Travel Organizers and Cases

A travel jewelry organizer is essential while traveling to keep your jewelry, gems, and precious accessories safe and organized during a business trip or vacation. Often travel jewelry cases will allow you to store and organize a variety of jewelry including necklaces, earrings and rings making them quite versatile.Smiling girl sitting on the floor and checking her suitcase with Brelox Jewelry Travel Organizer

Having an travel jewelry organizer can also save you valuable time especially on a business trip by keeping everything organized and preventing you from losing anything.

Think of an early morning start and how it is helpful to have everything in one place with no chance to lose anything. Travel jewelry cases are also sized so that they can hold a variety of jewelry yet still fit into carry-on luggage or even a handbag making them very convenient. 

Travel jewelry organizers are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. They can be found inexpensively when made with cheaper materials such as nylon and plastic – and more expensive for those which feature leather and satin or other high quality and priced materials.

For a moderately priced travel jewelry organizer with necklace, earring and other jewelry storage consider the Brelox Travel Jewelry Organizer Case Bag which is available in a modern and abstract style at a reasonable price.

Traveling with Jewelry: Tips

Besides purchasing a travel jewelry organizer, when traveling extra planning and care must be taken to make sure your trip is stress free and you look your best. Regardless if its business or leisure travel, you will want to make sure you follow some tips.

First, do not take expensive jewelry with you – this is a recipe for disaster, when traveling for work we are often stressed out by whatever it is we are traveling for and may very easily misplace expensive or sentimental jewelry pieces.

Do you own your great grandmother’s gold earrings, a family heirloom passed down three generations? Leave them at home. Traveling to islands for vacation? Probably not a good idea to bring your mom’s prized necklace – besides misplacing it, theft can occur anywhere. In short, do not bring anything you can not live without. Just ask Kim Kardashian – who took millions of dollars of jewelry with her during a trip to Paris, only to have most of it robbed, and melted according to this article!

A travel jewelry organizer is great because it will actually limit you from bringing too much jewelry, unless you bring multiple jewelry organizers! Bringing too much jewelry is a common mistake – not only will you increase the weight of your luggage or carry-on, but you will also waste much time selecting your necklace, earrings and bracelets each day.

Carefully choose the jewelry your bring. By picking neutral colors and styles, you will maximize the possibilities of having unique jewelry for each outfit. Consider these advanced jewelry fashion tips to ensure you look your best.

Engagement rings are best left home and instead replace with your wedding band, or if you can’t help to walk around without your engagement ring then a good idea is to purchase a look alike engagement ring that will still match your style but give you peace of mind in case you misplace or lose it. Certain gemstone rings can make a great addition such as quartz or white topaz and will be very affordable!

Be sure not to pack your jewelry travel organizer in your checked luggage, while the likelihood that someone handling your bags is not likely to steal it, why bother worrying? Keeping your jewelry with you in your carry-on is best – and further prevents you from packing too much. If you are traveling with a group or to an area known for identity theft, also consider our family passport holder.

Organizing jewelry can be made simple by investing in a jewelry organizer that suits your needs. If you travel often, consider a separate jewelry organizer for your trips to bring your collection, or part of it with you and look your best! Read our article on the best travel jewelry case for more tips!