5 Family Vacation Tips

Are you planning a family vacation? Don’t go unprepared. Follow these five family vacation travel tips so you and your children have a great time together and make memories that will last a lifetime! 

  1. Keep Documents Organized

This tip isn’t about the fun and glamorous side of traveling, but it’s a necessary part of getting to the fun. Without organizational tools like a family passport holder, you may end up at the airport with lost documents, unable to go on the plane to your fabulous destination. Even an emergency issued passport can ruin your travel plans!

So we recommend brining accessories such as a: 

These should be easy to carry, readily accessible, and keep all the necessary documents together. This way, children don’t misplace their tickets, and you never spend time searching through bags to get to your credit card or documents. 

An image of a family (one boy, one girl, one woman, one man) in front of beach
  • 2. Discuss the Trip in Advance

Surprises are fun, and some children are happy to go with the flow. But just as you want to be planned with all your travel accessories for a trip to feel comfortable, children also should have a rough idea of what to expect.

Have a thorough discussion of where you’re going and what activities you have in mind. Ask if there’s anything they want to do on vacation and what travel accessories they want to bring along. This way, they feel included in the plans.

  • 3. Have Activities Planned

A great location with a beautiful hotel is wonderful. But that doesn’t stop you from having to hear “I’m bored!” from your children. And no one wants to spend time on vacation trying to figure out what to do next. 

As soon as you figure out where you’re going, do a little research into what activities and sites you’ll enjoy while you’re there. Not every moment needs to be mapped out, but a few planned activities and a rough itinerary will give your trip structure and ensure your kids are always looking forward to something.

On the flipside we recommend leaving some time to be spontaneous, every destination is unique and some of the best memories are often unplanned!

  • 4. Consider What Needs to Be Brought vs. Bought

Some items are easy to find and even better to purchase on vacation. For example, there’s no need to pack an entire bottle of hairspray that might be offered for free at your hotel. 

However, certain items may be difficult or too expensive to buy out of town.

For example, if your children have allergies, having medications on hand is preferable to scouring a pharmacy when an allergy flares up. Or perhaps you have sensitive skin and require certain face washes that would cost a fortune out of town. 

Be strategic in what travel accessories demand to be packed vs. what you can find on the cheap at a local store. This could save you on wasted space in your suitcase or checking a luggage, or wasting your first day of vacation searching for what you need. 

  • 5. Stay Positive

This may seem easier said than done. But having the right attitude going into your vacation is essential, even during stressful moments. 

Things are bound to go wrong. Flights get delayed, planned activities get rained out, and kids forget belongings. No matter how much you prepare and organize, some road bumps are out of your control. 

However, the sooner you accept that you can only do your best to have a good time, the more likely you will stay positive through the experience. 

We also recommend planning for some me-time on your vacation. Don’t think that just cause you’re the mom that you’re not entitled to a walk on the beach or a trip the spa. Leave the kids with your partner and venture out for some alone time.

Bon Voyage! 

Once you have these essentials and leverage our family vacation tips, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy your special time with family. Accept that some things just go wrong and focus on cherishing each moment you have with family at your destination. 

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