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Leather Travel Jewelry Case

Update: 10/16/20: While traveling has slowed down – these still make great jewelry organizers for use at home! Traveling soon? Travel jewelry cases are a must-have to keep your jewelry organized while traveling. And if you are seeking a durable yet stylish material to keep your jewelry organized while you explore the world, leather is […]

Why Perfume Is Bad For Your Health!

While many perfumes might smell good and carry a name of your favorite celebrity you may not realize just how harmful they are for your body, the environment and others around you.  If you think that you know the ingredients of your favorite perfume, and you believe that the perfume is not bad for you, […]

Jewelry Organizers & Storage: Holders, Cases, Rolls for Earrings, Necklaces (Home or Travel)

Organizing and storing jewelry properly is top of mind for many whether it’s keeping our earrings, necklaces and bracelets in a holder or display case – we want to make sure our jewelry is stored, organized and secure at home or while traveling given jewelry can be very valuable or have sentimental value.  There are […]

7+ Tips On Buying a Travel Jewelry Case

The Fun Nature of Traveling UPDATE: 10/16/2020: While most are not traveling these days with Corona, these jewelry cases still work when at home. If you need to organize your collection, these still make great sense! Do you travel often? Do you like to look good and bring your jewelry with you? Well if you […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s that special time of the year, again – when hearts seem to appear everywhere for the holiday of love, boxes of chocolate are lined up by the hundreds on shelves, florist shops have a hustle and bustle only rivaled by mother’s day.  You’ll spend countless days trying to determine what to buy for your […]