Essential Oils and Diffuser Jewelry – A unique gift

Essential oils are quickly becoming a hot new health trend for their special therapeutic properties. During the plague, a combination of essential oils is rumored to have saved a group of pirate thieves from contracting the plague! Today, millions of individuals are using them for wellness and with a variety of essential oils, there are many to choose from. Essential oils are also largely affordable making them especially attractive for the masses. Given the oils are derived from natural sources and often have wonderful scents they also make great natural perfumes.

For those seeking to use essential oils for scent, it is important to note they can interact with your skin’s oil which can change its scent. Applying oil directly to skin also shortens the scent’s duration, and carrying a bottle of oil in your purse can a disaster waiting to happen with dire consequences and a possible hefty dry cleaning bill! For those who wish to have the benefits of the essentials oils on the go for their beautiful
scents or health benefits, a new option has become available – diffuser jewelry! Essentials Lava Oil Diffusers Brelox Jewelry

Diffuser jewelry combines fashion with function by incorporating special rocks, commonly lava rocks that absorb the oil and then gently release the special therapeutic properties and scents of the essential oil throughout the day. The rocks provide hours of this benefit and allows the wearer to make a fashion statement while using the oil on the go. Other jewelry designs incorporate foam pads, which are not as eco-friendly but offer similar benefits. Given the oils are not directly on the skin, the essential oil’s scent lasts much longer and is better suited for those with sensitive skin.

Diffusing essential oil with lava rocks is quite simple, one must only add a few drops onto the lava rock, allow it to absorb for a few moments and that is it! It is important to note the lava rock itself is said to have health benefits of its own, including emotional and spiritual benefits associated with the absorption of negative energies.

With reasonable pries for lava rocks and essential oils, why not treat yourself or a friend to this hot new trend for the holidays?, an emerging online jewelry boutique shop offers a variety of diffuser/natural lava rocks.