Gemstone Properties

Amethyst, the birthstone of February is one of the earliest gems to be cherished by man and can be found in early religious artifacts and is considered sacred to Buddha. Amethyst traces its roots from the Greek word “amethustos” meaning “not intoxicated” and is known to protect its owner from drunkenness.

The legend around the birthstone is based around the Greek god of intoxication, Dionysus  – who was angry after being insulted and later took his revenge on Amethyst, a young maiden who was turned into a statue of crystalline by the Goddess Diana as a way to immortalize the maiden. According to the legend, the unique color of the stone is a result of Dionysus’ spilled tears of wine giving the stone its versatile color that can be paired with any wardrobe. It is known to keep the wearer free of stress and encourages mental well being.  

Special properties: reduces stress and tension, neutralizes negative influences and encourages peace of mind

Aquamarine, the birthstone of March has long been admired for its resemblance of both the water and sky. A legend has it that for centuries seamen revered its special properties that promote courage, resilience and safety. Today this gemstone continues to be cherished for those legendary properties and is also known to be a popular gift for those enduring grief by giving them to strength and courage to move forward. Aquamarine will make a perfect addition to your collection or a timeless gift that is sure to please.

Special properties: enhances courage, promotes strong relationships and balances the mind

Citrine, the birthstone of November attributes its name from the French word for lemon, “citron” and is often associated as the stone of wealth for its centuries old reputation for bringing prosperity and success. Often revered by merchants (it was referred to the “merchant’s stone”) for its properties supporting prosperity and success. Citrine is also known to enhance creativity by clearing your mind and is said to be activated by the sun.

Special properties: promotes wealth and success, increases intuition and the ability to communicate emotional thoughts to support positive relationships

Emerald, the birthstone of May is known to be a sacred stone of the goddess of love, Venus. The stone is known to be given by lovers to keep them faithful and to enhance the chances of bearing children. Other cultures claim it would rid eye disease through pouring water on the eyes that contained emeralds. The stone was favored by the world’s most famous seducer, Cleopatra – who often adorned herself with many emeralds to seduce the world’s most powerful men and enhance her youthful appearance.

Special properties: enhances love and fertility, encourages monogamy and harmony in all areas of one’s life

The sweeping allure of Garnet, the birthstone for January traces its history to the early ages with its association with pomegranate seeds. Cherished by the ancients, including Egyptian pharaohs for its protective properties, its popularity continued through the centuries for insurance against disease, poverty and bad spirits. Garnet helps enhance the energy of the wearer and brings stability in all areas to one’s life.

Special properties: emotional, physical and financial protection

Opal, the birthstone of October is commonly known as being the most powerful birthstone of all and is considered the “stone of the gods”. Favorited by Queen Elizabeth II, it remains a special gemstone within the royal family and has been passed on for generations. It is unique that it contains colors from all other gems, making it truly special. Other cultures claim it possesses special powers from supernatural origins, as with the ancient Greeks who believed the stone allowed owners to see into the future and be protected from disease.

Special properties: increases intuition and ability to communicate emotional thoughts, supports a healthy immune system

Pearl, the birthstone of June has been admired for centuries through several cultures for their heavenly glow and mystery. They have been used as currency, gifts of matrimony and even for seduction. Unique from other birthstones as being the only one created by a living creature – our fresh water pearls uphold the decades old mysticism adored, even worshiped by peoples for centuries. Pearls are highly desired for their ability to be paired with clothing for any occasion – formal or casual, making them a truly timeless piece that is often handed down for generations.

Special properties: promotes success, attracts wealth and enhances spiritual and mental focus

Peridot, the birthstone of August was prized by Egyptian pharaohs and used as accessories in their attire. Christian bishops around the world wear a ring of peridot to symbolize their devotion to purity. Peridot is also commonly referred to as a gift from mother nature by ancients to celebrate the annual “creation” of a new world. It is said to deflect negative emotions and possess healing effects on the gallbladder and liver.

Special properties: reduces negativity and nightmares, heals the gallbladder and liver

Quartz, the birthstone of April, is widely known around the world for promoting health and its spiritual powers. It resemblance to ice often is associated with its ability to melt away negative emotions, facilitate a crystal clear mind and improve self-esteem. In ancient times, people believed the stone was a magical form of ice that never melted. It is also said to enhance the properties of other gemstones, making it a must for any collection.

Special properties: raises self-esteem, promotes mental clarity and positive emotions

Ruby, the birthstone of July is deeply associated with passion, power and fearlessness. It has been admired by the Indian culture for centuries and was a popular offering to the gods as admission to nobility and even royalty. Once thought to possess the power to boil water, it is associated with many astral signs and its color resembles human blood – giving it a reputation for reducing issues with circulation.

Special properties: attracts passion, increases power and calms fear

Sapphire, the birthstone of September is often referred to the “stone of destiny” and appears most commonly in blue with other colors less commonly available. Within some cultures sapphires are treasured for their special properties contributing to mental clarity and financial empowerment. Some refer to the sapphire as the symbol of heaven and steadfast devotion to God. Our Sapphire’s are available in pink – a traditionally highly sought after color for their historical rarity. Some cultures will prefer sapphires over diamonds for engagement rings.

Special properties: promotes mental clarity, financial freedom and strengthens religious connections

Turquoise, the birthstone of December is known as one of the oldest stones favorited by man. Frequently referred to in ancient texts and found in Egyptian tombs and is considered sacred it Chinese cultures. Turquoise gemstones were found in a tomb containing Queer Zer, on her bracelet and is known to bring good luck and special healing powers to its wearer. Other cultures claim that it allows the wearer’s mind to access to limitless possibilities by connecting the mind to the frequencies of the universe.

Special properties: promotes good luck, heals the mind and body while increasing spiritual awareness

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