Our Story


The word “Brelox” (bre • lox) originated from the french word “breloque” which means charm. Brelox is based in the greater New York City area, a home market that demands high quality and sophisticated styles to keep individuals truly unique.

Brelox’s founder was fascinated by the jewelry worn by Egyptian pharaohs and rulers who believed that the gemstones advanced their well being and spirituality. With her liking of jewelry, she decided to reinvigorate this old tradition and apply her design principles to create modern jewelry that makes the wearer look and feel great. Brelox collections incorporate the special properties and energy of gemstones into modern designs to combine the two together into what we consider very unique pieces that you will adore for ages. Each gemstone in our collection has unique attributes that are believed to enhance your life and outlook. 

All Brelox creations are handcrafted and made to order, making every piece as unique as you. Our variety of high quality gemstones can be paired with personalized charms to become great accessories and wonderful gifts for any occasion.

Brelox is proudly supporting New Jersey Association of the Deaf and planning to provide an employment for some of the members of the deaf community in the nearest future.

We invite you to browse our collections and select your dream accessory today!