Lava (Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace)


This minimalist essential oil diffuser necklace combines stylish modern cues with unique properties of lave rock material.  It features one oval lava rock bead centered and suspended off a 24” long 14k gold filled chain.

Lava rock is very porous, which allows it easily absorb and then diffuse your favorite essential oils.  Add a drop of your preferred essential oil onto the lava rock, let it absorb, then wear your necklace and enjoy the fragrance. Using this diffuser necklace makes a great safe alternative to perfumes, which sometimes contain unhealthy chemicals. 

All necklaces are hand crafted in the US and beautifully packaged in our premium Brelox gift box, making them ready for gifting.

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Lava necklace features:

  • One oval lava rock bead Size: 1″ x 0.5″
  • Cluster of three lava rock beads (one 6mm and two 4mm)
  • 14k gold filled chain
  • 14k gold filled clasp




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