Genuine Leather Travel Family Passport Holder Wallet

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STYLISH GENUINE FAMILY PASSPORT HOLDER with RFID protection perfect for travel, passport, and as an upgraded organizer for every day. This has plenty of space, holders, and room for everything you need to carry, including up to 4 passports! There is also a handy ID slot with a hidden pocket for cash and other valuables. It features a pen holder, 12 card slots, 2 separate compartments for bills and phone, and an extra hidden pocket for more cash and travel documents. Unlike cheaply made wallets that crack and split, this fine leather will last for years of frequent use. We use high-quality hardware so the stylish zippers work smoothly and will not break. This even has a removable wristlet for easy handling especially during busy travel, sightseeing, and shopping. Makes travel easier when you must carry things for others in your family.



Travel in style with this family passport holder that features genuine leather, easy access multiple pockets in one place making it a true family passport holder, RFID blocking, and other pockets to store important securely.

The Brelox passport holders RFID blocking technology helps protect against hackers that use radio signals to obtain your credit card’s information right out of an older passport holder without rfid blocking. This travel wallet has everything you need!

PREMIUM REAL LEATHER this travel passport wallet in black, rose gold, or brown for women has full RFID blocking feature which helps to stop sophisticated thieves from electronically stealing your financial and personal information. Just what you need for travel documents, as a feature filled organizer, which will keep your passport safe when traveling and overseas.

HOLDS 4 PASSPORTS thanks to the passport pouches on the left slide. Can hold passports for the entire family – making it a family passport wallet. You will also find a convenient ID slot and a hidden pocket perfect for cash, boarding passes, and other documents with sensitive information.

 on the right side with 6 in front and 6 more next to the zipper pocket for credit cards. Also includes a pen holder, internal zipper pocket for cash and coins, and 2 separate compartments that act as a document organizer for bills, phone, and everything else you carry. This is the ultimate organizer that looks stylish while being superb for complex travel and business needs.

REMOVABLE WRISTLET/WRIST STRAP makes this wallet easy to hold and use even when your hands are full or on the run through airports and train stations. In addition to the premium leather this wallet uses high quality hardware with stylish zippers and accessories. You will be proud to use this wallet in any company. And it is much safer than a strap around your neck.

GENUINE LEATHER NOT POLYESTER: Compared to other passport holders, like Zero Grid, our passport wallets are made of genuine high quality grain leather. So before you buy a zero grid family product, consider ours!


  • RFID Travel Wallet
  • Protects from electronic thieves
  • Made with premium genuine leather for a rare leather passport holder
  • Durable, stylish hardware & zippers
  • 12 slots: Use for credit cards, boarding passes to keep documents safe
  • 2 hidden pockets for money
  • Places & compartments for pen, phone, bills, notes
  • ID slot
  • Removable wristlet

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will be your best bet for a pleasing no-risk purchase. Many people love this passport wallet so much they return to buy another for themselves or a gift. You just can’t beat the quality and convenience. HURRY AND BUY NOW while we have a fresh shipment in stock. This passport wallet makes a much-appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers – anyone who travels or just appreciates a fine passport case.



A few years ago I decided it was time for my family of 4 and I to plan to the vacation of our lifetimes! After months of researching travel destinations in the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia we outlined what we wanted to do and what was most important for us to do in one place. But with a family of four comes logistical challenges of planning, organizing and getting the kids ready for a trip overseas. A few of our kids never traveled in an airplane let alone out of the country so this was a real treat for them to explore somewhere new.

We decided on a multi-country getaway of visiting France, Netherlands, Greece, and Russia! We had 4 weeks total so about a week in each country gave us enough time to see all the major sights! Traveling as a couple pre-kids always seemed so exciting – we sometimes even planned our trips without actually doing much planning! But with two kids everything changed! Plus since the kids the world has changed with more travel documents required, and now vaccination papers.

As soon as we got to the airport and being asked for our travel documents I realized I made a giant mistake! I started fumbling through my carry around the neck bag and it took me several minutes to pull out our passports!

I didn’t have a way of organizing our family’s travel documents! I was so use to just worrying about my own passport, a few credit cards, driver’s license and that’s it. But times have changed, with a family of four, I had to carry four passports, credit cards, my driver’s license, now covid vaccination cards, medical cards, cash and traveler’s cheque. And if I lost any of this, it would add considerable stress to our trip! With two kids there are also more things to lose and you definitely do not want to lose a passport or credit card – replacing those is not a fun task. Post-covid embassies were backlogged for months so losing a passport could be a disaster! We also heard that people are stealing information via RFID signals from passports and other important documents and credit cards especially in Europe.

I realized quickly that is needed something to organize 4 passports with card slots to keep those and other documents safe with rfid blocking technology. This would bring me peace of mind while we traveled so I wouldn’t worry about losing anything and we could focus on making memories and having fun. It would also help in navigating through airports and train station if asked for our travel documents. I found a passport holder online but it did not have the rfid blocking technology that I heard was so important so I eventually found the Brelox family passport holder with rfid blocking technology within a durable water resistant leather case which would organize all the passport documents and other important documents. There are many other passport holder to purchase but I found many were cheaply made with sub-quality materials or did not have key features or enough of them for a family of 6 or family of 4.


Is this water resistant?
Leather is naturally water-resistant, however any genuine leather is not waterproof and exposure to rain or submerging it water will damage it. This leather passport holder will protect your credit cards and other document safe and secure during a brief rainstorm.

What is RFID Blocking Technology and why do I need it?
RFID Blocking means this passport wallet is made with RFID blocking material that prevent hackers who can send special radio frequency signals to steal personal information from you including that from your credit card – which now contain chips that activate with RFID signals. It is uncommon for a traditional travel organizer to contain RFID blocking so this is a must have feature. With this family passport wallet, you can be rest assured the RFID blocking technology is preventing identify or financial theft.

I have 6 passports, will this passport wallet still work?
Yes, some of our customers have managed to fit two extra passports in the passport wallet during family travel, just make sure you keep it zippered to prevent yourself from losing anything in your family travel wallet!

What kind of leather is used in this travel wallet?
This passport case is made with high quality genuine grain leather. Other sellers use artificial leather, or low grade/quality leather. The high quality will offers superior durability, the kind of leather that lasts decades.

Does this store Jewelry as well?
While you could technically fit a small piece or jewelry or two in the zipper pocket we recommend a separate travel jewelry case by Brelox.

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On sale now for the holiday and travel season





2 reviews for Genuine Leather Travel Family Passport Holder Wallet

  1. Samantha

    We recently took a family trip to Florida and this family passport holder really came in handy! It helped keep me organized with my two kids – so much better than searching in my pocket book for everything!

  2. Administrator

    this was a wonderful timely gift from my sister right before our family went to aruba! all of our passports (a family of four) fit nicely and helped me from fumbling around! it also held our vaccine cards. the leather is really nice

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